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About Me
College student studying molecular biology and Japanese. Lover of food, fashion, perfumes, books, music, and skinny boys. Fluent in Chinese and English, passable in Italian.

Words to Live By
"If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be different."----Coco Chanel

"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."----Voltaire

"When music affects us to tears, seemingly causeless, we weep not, as Gravina supposes, from 'excess of pleasure'; but through excess of an impatient, petulant sorrow that, as mere mortals, we are as yet in no condition to banquet upon those supernal ecstasies of which the music affords us merely a suggestive and indefinite glimpse." ----Edgar Allan Poe

"A girl with brains ought to do something else with them besides think." ----Anita Loos

"Fashion cannot be restricted to one sentence! Fashion is freedom of speech, fun, frivolity and glamour all in one!" ----John Galliano

“Fashion is an expression of faith. In this world of ours, that seeks to give away its secrets one by one, that feeds on false confidences and fabricated revelations, it is the very incarnation of mystery, and the best proof of the spell it casts is that, now more than ever, it is the topic on everyone’s lips.” ----Christian Dior

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