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Friends only

+ Rules
  1. Respect me and my opinions.
  2. I read all my friends' entries, so if you're just adding for the sake of adding, please... add some other journal.
  3. We have to have things in common.
  4. Comment on this entry, or I really won't know if you've added me or not. I don't keep track of who adds me at any given day.
  5. I hardly ever write about my personal life on here and I doubt anyone wants to know, so I'd appreciate it if you don't ask overly personal questions.
+ Warning: This journal contains superficial posts about material yearnings, random rant-like reviews (fashion, music, and books) and fangirling about pretty, skinny Japanese men.

And most importantly, I write in this journal to alleviate everyday stress so any random craziness is just my way of expressing myself. Let's just all have fun and we'll get along just fine.