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I was going to wait until I got back to school to write a proper entry about yesterday’s movie premiere. Umm… it was a heady experience to say the least? I don’t know if it was the coffee, or the excitement, but my head was definitely faint by the time I got into the theatre. The wait was terrible though, the seconds felt like hours, and the minutes felt like eternity. Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit but every writer has their right to embellish on the details.

I was quite annoyed with a few people that were sitting around me. If it was just one group of obnoxious idiots, I would’ve been fine with it, but there were two groups of obnoxious idiots around me, and that’s just too much of a toll on my patience. First off, in front of me were the hormonal teenage girls who don’t know proper decorum when attending a film screening; they basically just squealed and screamed their way when MatsuJun was trying to speak. For someone like me who’s trying to understand what he was saying without the help of the interpreter, that’s quite a nuisance, but they weren’t as bad as the people behind me because I at least forgive them due to their age. (Somehow it’s okay for girls under 16 to act like hormonal idiots to me, but not when they’re over.) They were a group of elitist bitches from USC who were basically there for MatsuJun, but for the sake of maintaining their sense of elitism; they chose to pretend… rather loudly… that they were there for Anthony Daniels instead. In the group is the attention whore of all attention whores, who want to be noticed by everyone, specifically the Japanese media, or just anyone who can speak Japanese in general. The obnoxious bitch would jump in front of every single camera present and proceeded to babble vapidly about everything and nothing. All in all, I had wanted to punch her face in from the moment I waited in line behind her to the moment I saw her once again blathering her head off to NewsZero. She did it twice. I’m sure the people caught on by now that she would be the one to go to if they want useless opinions about everything and nothing.

Now that the negative parts are over with, I’m free to gush about the positive part of the premiere. The movie itself was really good. I’m not just saying it because MatsuJun is in it, because I never really liked his movies that much. The highlights of course were Abe Hiroshi and Miyagawa Daisuke. They were both delightful in the movie, in different ways. Hiroshi just plays everything so well. There really hasn’t been a project he’s been in that I haven’t liked and this one is no exception. I especially love his glare. I really wished that he had come. Then I’d be one of the crazy idiots screaming my head off to get his attention. Daisuke plays one of the characters that inspired C3PO, and so of course he was a ball of hilarity. For the whole movie, his motivations were, “Liquor, Money, and Women.” You know you can’t go wrong with such noble intentions. I especially love one of the scenes towards the end with him and Hiroshi. It was like the knight rescuing the dame in distress. It’s definitely my favorite scene in the whole movie, simply because it was soooooo overly dramatic that it was hilarious. I’m guessing the director intended it to be that way.

Jun’s performance was okay… nothing spectacular or mind blowing about his acting. He has improved greatly on hiding his signature MatsuJun Princess Walk ©. He wasn’t really walking most of the movie though, more like carrying a load of twigs, or just plain running, so maybe that’s why I couldn’t spot his distinctive walk that he brings to every single character that he plays. It was nice to see Nagasawa not crying or being weak in this role. I guess that means that she has range. I actually liked her character! It’s hard to find female characters I identify with, simply because most people write female characters horribly but her princess was both strong and weak at the same time, she was a delicious ball of contradictions and internal conflicts. Ahh… to be young and conflicted, isn’t that a feeling almost everyone can identify with? What I don’t like about the dynamic between the two characters was the cheesy ass dialog. Maybe I’m just jaded, but I just don’t believe in their “romance.” There just wasn’t enough time for them to grow a true, long-lasting bond. I’ll chalk it up to them being caught in the heat of the moment, and being young and idealistic. I’m glad that ended the movie the way they did. It was much better off that way, and felt more natural. Of course, most people didn’t get that. I suppose it’s an Asian thing, or people are just being romantically idiotic (and not to mention extremely Americanized in their views?)

Before the movie, the guests came out and did little speeches introducing it. MatsuJun and Director Higuchi both did their speeches in English. MatsuJun memorized his speech very well, and his pronunciation has improved greatly. I’m glad he went through the effort to try and connect with his fanbase here, it shows that he really cares? Higuchi is adorable in how he fumbles with the piece of paper he had written his speech on. Of course everyone screamed their heads of when MatsuJun came out. It was nice though, I mean, screaming is okay when the guests enter the auditorium, but when they’re speaking, it’s quite rude to squeal/scream out, “Oh my god! He’s so hot! Cute! OIMWEIOMFEIW!!!!” Decorum people, decorum… but again, they were young… or at least I hope they were younger than me. Or perhaps I’m just too proud to act like a fangirl. It’s okay to fangirl in private for me, but in public is a whole other matter. They also took a picture with all the people in the auditorium. Meaning… they risked their lives and turned their backs to the fans so the media can take pictures. I didn’t even attempt to get into the pictures (out of a fear of being recognized? Or just plain pride?)

After the movie, the dean of the film school at USC initiated a question and answering session. The questions were basically trying to tie everything back to Star Wars. Which… is nice, I suppose? Although the parallels were apparent, I didn’t think that it took anything directly from Star Wars. Anthony Daniels was hilarious though. I love his witty comments and dripping sarcasm. Much like how I love the director for basically nonchalantly dismissing every question that he didn’t care to answer with sarcasm. MatsuJun played the schoolboy act though, acting all shy and smiling. He was being playful though. The man is shy, but he isn’t that shy, and he’s definitely confident in his abilities to excite a group of hormonal fangirls, no matter the language barrier. The questions… were really retarded, so I’m not going to delve into them.

So MatsuJun in real life, is as skinny as he is on TV, and even shorter and tinier. But he looked really nice, very well coordinated. He acted courteous and was thoughtful when answering questions. I’m glad he didn’t treat it as a joke, even though some questions were completely unrelated to the actual movie, or at least, a poor attempt at asking thoughtful questions and relating things to the movie.

So in the end, was it worth it to wake up the next morning at 5 in order to catch a train back to school in the smoldering Santa Ana heat? Hellz yes. Running on three hours of sleep is what I do for a living. Afterall, I am a college student.

And people writing things down just to attack fans... on a public community. So what if you thought it was okay to take pictures and squeal at him? I happen to think it doesn't fit the atmosphere of the place! I didn't say squealing wasn't allowed, just that when the man was trying to speak, it was RUDE to squeal while other people were trying to listen to him. I for one wanted to sharpen my Japanese skills and I had a hard time listening to him talk because the people were squealing so much. Courtesy people!!! If I happen to give you my courtesy, why won't you extend yours to me? And pictures and videos are strictly forbidden! God, why do people have to break the rules and then feel righteous about it? What is wrong with this country?

This is why I'm leaving this public, because it pisses me off when people put words into my mouth. I NEVER SAID SQUEALING WAS PROHIBITED! Just when he was trying to speak, it was rude! So what if it sounds bitchy? Then so be it. I was really glad he came and I was really glad that most fans acted accordingly, but what I wasn't glad about was people rushing to him when he was exiting and then also squealing when he was trying to speak! You think I didn't want to do the same? I happen to have a sense of self control! I'm sure he was happy about the fans coming and showing support, but for god's sake, this wasn't an Arashi event where squealing was okay, this was a serious movie that MatsuJun just HAPPENED to be in. So Goddamnit people, act accordingly! And stop with the entitlement complexes.

I'm never going to comment on public communities ever again. Stupid potential wank.

Date: 2008-04-30 03:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuffchan.livejournal.com
existentialism...I loved that philosophy XD

Date: 2008-04-30 03:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zomboid.livejournal.com
Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Satre... oh I feel like they were my soulmates!


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