Date: 2008-04-30 03:23 pm (UTC)
I know! It's the same principle! I don't understand why people don't have common courtesy and simple respect! They said that cameras and video recordings are strictly forbidden, yet people around me were whipping out their cellphones like there was no tomorrow and snapping away! The girl behind me was shoving hers so far up front that it obstructed my view! The whole time I was going, wtf? wtf? Just because it's okay to take pictures and videos at American events doesn't meant that it's okay to do the same when the event was organized by a Japanese company! Especially after the massive e-mail the organizers sent to everyone who reserved a seat explicitly telling them not to bring cameras or camera phones, and if they did, they need to check it at the door! Yet there are tons of videos and photos out right now on his appearance. Geez, talk about following the rules people.

I hate it when they screamed and won't shut up, especially when he was talking! The translators didn't really do a good job in translating what he was saying and I was having a hard time listening because people around me were screaming and squealing to much that I only caught about 80% of what he said. There were moments in his speech that the translators totally disregarded and there were even stuff the translators added that he never said! Even with a good mic and sound system, I was too distracted by the "KYA!!! HE'S SOOO HOT! *giggles*" around me to even pay enough attention to catch everything.

You know... how to fans, idols are kind of like... mini-deities. They can do no wrong, and should do no wrong. I don't think people saw him as just another person trying to do his job. -__-
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