Date: 2008-04-28 07:40 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I did, although I got off on the wrong stop when I was on the bus so I had to lug my stuff across campus in the heat. Aside from that, it wasn't that bad. ^^ Is your thumb feeling better?

I think people can fangirl, but there is a time and an occasion for it. Let's say... if it was an Arashi concert, then they're perfectly entitled to scream and squeal to their hearts content, but the movie isn't solely about Jun. The movie is a collective effort between many artists and to make an event about a movie into an event that revolves only around Jun... reflects badly on his fans. He is trying to be taken seriously as an actor afterall. I'm sure he's happy that he has so many fans in America and they all came out to support him, but really... the fangirls defending their own stupid actions really pisses me off. I wanted to be there to support Jun and also to watch the movie. I wanted it to be a serious yet light hearted discussion about the movie... and not have it solely be about Jun.

And yes, it pisses me off that there are people who can understand Japanese and want to listen to him talk, instead, we can't because people were too busy squealing and fangirling. You don't hear us fangirling and squealing when the translator was translating, it's because we don't want to take away the experience of understanding his words from them. Their logic is so seriously insane that I've stopped reading their rant about how it's okay to take pictures/videos/audios when they're strictly prohibited!!!

I don't comment much, but I commented last night on a girl's entry, basically agreeing to her complaints about how it was kind of hard to hear when Jun was trying to speak and then this fan made another post about how people should stop bitching about the squealing, because people can squeal since it's Jun. WTF kind of logic is that?

Oh, and she called all the Japanese there Oba-sans. Yes... they're soooo totally Oba-sans. -___-;;;;
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